how to upgrade your redmi note 4(MIUI9)7.0 without loosing data/release date too for other MI device


Without loosing any data

MIUI9 is officially  released on global beta version .And have some really awesome features.Being xiomi latest version of MIUI it runs on Android 7. So  you can have some features.
It is right now only available for 3 devices which are Redmi note 4, note 4X   and mi6.If you have any other xiomi device don't worry your phone will get the update soon and blog will be updated all the steps will be same just download links will be different.Your phone MIUI 9  release date will be at last

for starting they  have promised faster app launching,smoother transitions.But it was all we will be talking more about features.So stay tune

Lets talk about how to upgrade without any data loss-

1.firstly we need to create a backup of  our files and folders so that we dont loose any of the data. let  it be your whatsapp chats,important app data you dont want to loose or any contacts or any messages.Infact it will be just  like the same phone you used before after restoring  your backups.


go into settings>additional settings>backup and reset>local backups>backup

2. After creating backup you need to get this backup into your laptop or computer or even in your pendrive with OTG support


go into explorer>select MIUI file>copy>paste it where ever you want to

If you also want to back up your photo select DCIM file and paste it in same place

3.   download ROM  file on  your device and place it in internal meomary.


To download just click here for redmi note 4/4X
To download just Click here for mi6

4.  After you have downloaded this ROM  all you need to do this is install.Don't worry i am here to help.Once you have downloaded


go to updater app>click three dots  up on right side>choose update package>explorer>give permissions>select the zip file downloaded.

5. After the process has started it will  first decrypt the  file.This will take upto 10 mins. After completion of decryption you phone will bootup that may take upto 10  mins too. Don't reboot/restart your phone. Once completed .You need to setup your profile on phone remember  all that things you did when it was just unboxed.

6.  After  completing your profile you have successfully completed having your new MIUI 9. It will be  all new phone again. But dont worry we have backup so that you don't loose any data.

paste the file MIUI  in internal storage>it may say overwrite (yes)>go to settings>additional settings>backup&reset>local backup>select the file it will be on screen.
After  installing this you are good to go with MIUI 9 all the feature are listed bellow.

Introducing split screen-after waiting so long split screen is part of MIUI 9 you can use split screen by going on the multi-window and selecting  split screen mode
New Theme,icons and transition-as they have introduced their  new theme called the LIMITLESS icons  have been bits changed.other things  like transitions and animations have changed.its more smoother than ever  and feel  faster

Deep-level optimization-As we all know things must be fast with this ROM so they have come up with Deep-level optimization .It works like it give more RAM to the opened  app while back app are  hibernated giving more smoother app feel.

SILENT TRIGGER- Silent mode can be triggered by the volume button.

List will be given below when will  your phone get update-

1.August 25th, 2017- MIUI 9 China Developer ROM for Mi MIX, Mi Note 2, Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, Mi 5c, Mi Max 2, Mi Max 32G, Mi Max 64G/128G, Mi 4S, Mi 4c, Mi Note Pro, and Redmi 4X

2. From late September, 2017- MIUI 9 China ROM for all the other Xiaomi / Redmi devices (except Mi 1/1S and Mi 2A) will be successively released to the public!

And many more features are there why don't  you get some by yourself .there might be some bugs