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Depicting the seasons of India through Kalidasa’s Ritusamhara, a ballet performance ‘Ritu Chakra’ was spectacularly staged at Bharat Bhavan on Thursday.

Director by Yogendra Singh Rajput, the ballet is scripted by Ganpat Swaroop. The dancers of Yogi Dance Academy gave a magnificent performance leaving the audience enthralled.

Interestingly, the ballet was not only about the seasons of India but also the festivals of celebrated during each season. The colourful ballet was much loved by the audience.

It is for the first time that most of the dance forms including Chhau, Kathak, Flamingo, western contemporary folk and other forms were used to display the ballet. The dancers evolved a refined, sophisticated style in pure classical form, based on fast speeds, swift turns, mind thrilling footwork, delicacy of movements and impressive expressions while they was narrating the story.

With enchanting stage presence the dancers earned acclamation for intense and sensitive dance presentations. Rhythmic understanding, ability to extemporize with speedy rhythms and preserving pure classical style made her act even more enjoyable.

The eye catching factor of the ballet was the performance of Rope Mallakhamb by Astha Mishra from Mumbai. She left the audience in amazemnt as she presented her performance with much confidence and accuracy. The swift movements made the audience enjoy every moment of the dance drama.

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