Gyanpravah December 2017 Ank No.5 Download Now

Gyanpravah December 2017 Ank No.5 Download Now
Hello friends! For all friends preparing for a competitive exam, we will issue one issue every month from the medium of our blog. We hope that all friends will be useful. You can share the link to all your friends. All the information is put on our blog and all information related to education is provided. If you would like to join our Whats app Group ,
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  • Late moment of december
  • Features of today's Issue
  • History of Gujarat
  • Cities that live on the river banks of Gujarat
  • Indian Constitution
  • Mission Tate 1 and TAT
  • Person special: Narasimha Mehta
  • Trip to Dang district
  • General Science: Zodiac and Units
  • English grammar: Preposition
  • Gujarati grammar: noun
  • Wise moments of November
  • A glimpse at flying sight
Important Days of December

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