HSRP High Security Number Plate Babat Suchana

HSRP High Security Number Plate Babat Suchana

After Supreme Court's order to install HSRP (High Security Registration Plates) number plates in vehicles, the transport department of Gujarat has clarified that all vehicles should have HSRP fitted before 15 January, 2018. The department will impose fine of Rs. 500 on the vehicle owners who fail to comply with the requirement. The state government had made it compulsory in November 2012 for all the new vehicles to have HSRP. But the vehicles registered before that were given exemption. Now that the department has made it mandatory for all the vehicles, old vehicle owners are also rushing to get their number plates changed before 15th January and it has created havoc in Ahmedabad.

Hardly 13 days are left before the deadline and the transport department has issued a list of dealers who will assist the old vehicle owners change their number plates stating that everyone need not come to the RTO. The department issued an advertisement in the newspaper regarding dealer's list but the ground reality is totally different. Despite the advertisement, RTO is witnessing huge rush of vehicle owners willing to change their old number plates for the new ones.

The department issued the list of dealers on http://www.hsrpgujarat.com. As per the website, there are 38 dealers in Ahmedabad district who can install HSRP number plates. However when IamGujarat.com talked to a few dealers on the phone, many denied providing such services.

Harun Mirza who look after installation of HSRP number plates in Land Mark Honda, SG Highway said that though the department has issued an advertisement in the newspaper, the dealers haven't received any official letter from the department. When he talked to the officials of HSRP department, he was informed that a team from the department will visit them in 3-4 days and give them training regarding how to prepare receipt for the HSRP number plate, registration etc. After that only the dealer will be able to assist their customers. Mirza said that their showroom receives around 100 calls everyday regarding installation of HSRP in old vehicles. They are now telling customers to visit them next week. Same is the case with Ashapura Honda, Sanand and Shraddha Motors, Shyamal Crossroads.

Authorized HSRP Deemed Dealer List

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