Search Voters in Electoral Roll

Search Voters in Electoral Roll

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How To Check Voter List
With digitisation, the Election Commission of India has begun the process of digitising the electoral rolls based on constituency. Voter list searches are now web-enabled, making it easier for electoral officers as well as individual voters to check if their names have been included on the voter’s list for the constituency they fall under.

All records concerning the electoral rolls are now available online, making it easier for individuals to locate their name in the electoral roll or check if their name has been updated in the rolls in the case of new voters.

Voters can log on to the National Voter’s Service Portal (NVSP) and check for details regarding the inclusion of their name in the voter’s list.

The NVSP has made a provision for individuals to check if their names have been included in three ways, as detailed below:

Search by EPIC/Voter ID in Election Voter List -
This search option allows individuals who have registered for an EPIC/voter ID card to check for their name in the electoral roll by entering their voter ID card number. If the card is logged in the database, the individual’s particulars will be displayed on screen.

Search Name in Voter List -
Individuals can also choose to locate their name in the voter’s list by searching using their name. This could be a bit difficult, though, as the individual has to ensure that the name as mentioned in the voter ID card is entered in the search. This includes any abbreviations or the maiden name, if the same has not been updated in the electoral records. On entering the name, a list of all eligible voters with that name in the district and constituency will be displayed on screen.

Search your name in Electoral Roll by area/locality -
This search can be done if an individual wishes to check if their name is included in the voter list for a particular area or constituency. This is particularly useful for those who have applied for a change of address in their Voter ID Card. The individual will have to select the district and locality as mentioned in the drop-down menu, after which a list of all eligible voters currently on the rolls will be displayed. The individual can then look through to list to locate his/her name.

Individuals who wish to check if their names have been included in the voter’s list or those who wish to check any details pertaining to their Voter ID card can do so by following the steps outlined below:

  • Visit the National Voter’s Service Portal, the official website for all voter-related information run by the Election Commission of India.
  • Select the ‘Search Your Name in Electoral Roll’ option from among those provided.
  • Pick from the search options available (and listed above) and enter the details accordingly.
  • The results will be displayed on screen depending on the information being available in the database.
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